How to be a Pretty Pothead!

How to be a Pretty Pothead!

A Pretty Pothead is an individual who is pretty inside and out and embraces the cannabis culture. It’s really that simple! We are all about curating cannabis content and experiences for people who love to enjoy themselves and also enjoy cannabis whether its for better self-care, sex or socializing.

The thing is, in this new age of cannabis where it’s becoming more accepted and loosing that awful undeserving stigma and most importantly being legalized, it’s time to add some style and personalization to the cannabis experience. Gone are they days where you have to get papers or a cigarillo and have to buy green from that “one friend”. It’s time to make your cannabis experience as unique and pretty as you!

Joining The Pretty Pothead Life is all about customizing your cannabis experience while connecting with like minded individuals. Whether you’re a seasoned toker or excited to try out CBD products for the first time, The Pretty Pothead Life is here to ensure your higher aspirations are realized. From our  amazing cannabis events, to expert advice, reviews and and amazing products to enjoy your cannabis. So why wait! Join Now! You’ll receive exclusive event invites, coupons, and fun tips!

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