The Pretty Pothead 2019 Promise!

The Pretty Pothead 2019 Promise!

In 2019 The Pretty Pothead wants to make you a pothead guarantee. We want to make sure that every product in every order we ship is amazing and that every customer who orders from us gets their package in amazing condition with amazing products. We are dedicated to improving our branding and packaging along with our staple products to give you fast reliable service with amazing quality. Here are a few things you can expect :

1. Faster shipping to the Uk & Canada. We love our international Pretty Potheads and we are committed to getting you your items faster than ever. We previously had a 2-3 week delivery time on all international orders. Now we offer expedited shipping to get you your order ASAP!

2. Faster Customer Service! We are now more dedicated than ever to giving you guys not only friendly customer service but customer service within 48 hours of you contacting us! If you have a general question you can contact us on the Contact Us page. If you have a question about your order you can now get direct support on your order page in your account.

3. More about the PrettyPothead Experience. While loving beautiful cones and cannabis accessories is definitely apart of it, being a Pretty Pothead is so much more. This year we promise to hear and share more of your voices and experiences while creating a safe place for Pretty Potheads to connect and grow. We plan to explore topics such as mental health, self-care with cannabis, how cannabis helps you, and interesting ways you feel cannabis helps others.

We would love to hear your input about the brand on our contact page and forward to exploring with you this year!

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