What’s going on with The Pretty Pothead Club?

What’s going on with The Pretty Pothead Club?

Hey guys! How are you? I’m sure a lot of you have questions about what’s been going on with the Pretty Pothead Life! I closed the brand down for three weeks in December to relaunch a better more organized brand in January of 2019. I want to give you guys the best customer service, product quality, and creativity that we can deliver because it’s what you as a Pretty Pothead deserve.

While our 2018 brand was all about having cute themed items and coming onto the scene, in 2019 I want to create products that are not only cute but have exceptional quality and relate to the everyday smoker. For example, some things were too cute, like the donut blunt holder, but in 2019 our products will be for a more mature Pretty Pothead. Think smoking on your way to be a Boss Babe and less Lisa Frank vibes.

We plan on including more CBD bath products, Pothead home decor, and stylish minimalistic jewelry for everyday wear. We are so excited about the new year and can’t wait for you to see everything The Pretty Pothead Life has to offer, from upcoming events to new product launches, we hope you love every moment of Pretty Pothead 2019!


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