Brand Ambassador Rules


1. An ambassador helps customers, gives advice, raises awareness of a brand, supports its reputation and motivates to purchase.

Ambassadors make every effort to support the good reputation of the brand on the Internet and Offline towards the target group of potential or current customers. Ambassadors do not actively communicate with individuals younger than thirteen years of age or individuals who could be less than thirteen years of age.

2. An ambassador publicly declares their affiliation with the brand and does not hide it in any discussion.

In personal profiles of websites, an ambassador clearly declares their affiliation with the brand and what their task is (e.g. I am a Pretty Pothead Life brand ambassador ). The ambassador is always obliged to inform customers which brand they work for on request or all situations where it is appropriate. Whenever possible, they use it for the benefit of the customer – they can provide unique information, help customers dealing with the problem etc.

3.An ambassador does their best to know the product and the brand they represent.

All information for Ambassadors will be in each box along with the products, if you have questions please ask!

4.An ambassador will promote 100% of products in each promo box.

Each ambassador must take pictures of/with every product in the promo box, pictures can be staged or in action. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Ambassadors who don’t promo 100% of the products will be warned, then released.

5. Within their work, an ambassador subjectively does not compare the product or service of The Pretty Pothead Lifes’s competitors;

The Pretty Pothead Life’s rivals are neither evaluated subjectively nor criticised.

Ambassador’s posts are not allowed to attack other products, advertisers or advertisements and to discredit these products, advertisers or advertising either directly or indirectly. An ambassador is not allowed to disparage the value of products of other advertisers, either directly or indirectly.

6. An ambassador always tells the truth.

If an ambassador does not have information and thus is not able to help or advise, they will apologize and do their best to ensure, that the information will be discovered and then transmitted to the user in the shortest possible time. Ambassador’s posts must not contain any personal recommendations or supporting claims and must not refer to them; if such recommendations or supporting claims were not true, or if these were not linked to personal experience of the ambassador. Personal recommendation shall not contain any statement on the effects of the product unless there is a reliable evidence of such effects.

7. An ambassador works so that they have not and will never infringe the reputation of The Pretty Pothead Life or the product.

 They do not misuse information about the company for their own benefit maintaining the confidentiality of information for internal purposes.

8. An ambassador follows the rules and terms of use of any discussion and website they add posts to.

Each website that includes online discussion (e.g. Instagram, Twitter, has its own rules, which are required to be followed. An ambassador is obliged to follow these instructions.




  1. How and when do I get paid? You get paid though paypal for all referred orders after 30 days. To request your payout use the contact form under the payout tab. If you don’t have any commissions you may not be able to see the payout tab.
  2. How often shoud I post? You should post at least one picture with everything in your box! Ambassadors who don’t take and post enough pictures will be asked to leave the program.
  3. Where do I see commission? In your Brand Ambassador Dashboard!
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