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  • The Pretty Pothead 2019 Promise!

    In 2019 The Pretty Pothead wants to make you a pothead guarantee. We want to make sure that every product in every order we ship is amazing and that every customer who orders from us gets their package in amazing condition with amazing products. We are dedicated to improving our branding and packaging along with …

  • What’s going on with The Pretty Pothead Club?

    Hey guys! How are you? I’m sure a lot of you have questions about what’s been going on with the Pretty Pothead Life! I closed the brand down for three weeks in December to relaunch a better more organized brand in January of 2019. I want to give you guys the best customer service, product …

  • Our Favorite Five Pretty Pothead Snacks!

    Food! Food! Food! Food! Omg is there anything else more amazing than food? I know we literally need food to survive, so everybodys like… duh right? Ok well duh, but what about edibles? I don’t know about you, but when it comes to edibles most of the treats I tried starting out were literally jam …

  • How to be a Pretty Pothead!

    A Pretty Pothead is an individual who is pretty inside and out and embraces the cannabis culture. It’s really that simple! We are all about curating cannabis content and experiences for people who love to enjoy themselves and also enjoy cannabis whether its for better self-care, sex or socializing. The thing is, in this new …

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